Chaos DoverspikeAndrea Doverspike
Graphic DesignerIllustrator
Modern Manticore3DVR Sculptor
PropmakerSignage & Wall Art

Signage & Installation

We create a variety of laser-cut signage, ranging from conbadges, to elaborate wall art.Woodcuts are embellished with a number of different materials: gold-foil inlay, thermal and/or prismatic paints, resin, gemstones, woven wire, and other objects.

Wall Art




Sometimes there's also an opportunity to work with copper & steel. Various furniture installations for Red Stelle Salon, in Austin TX.Also, a bottlecap bartop for the Forlorn Hope Saloon in Wasteland City...


Hides of veg-tan leather are laser-cut and hand-worked into a broad variety of armor styles & designs.While having a laser-engraver is useful for precision, there's still a lot of work that goes into each piece. I like to focus on dexterity, having started crafting armor for desert environments.

Other Leathercraft

We got our start in crafting soft and hardcover leather tomes, then branched out into collars, belts, bags, and other custom work...

Manticore Gauntlets

Requests for custom work is largely how I'm able to innovate. And wielding a laser engraver means that I can design shapes with tight tolerances.A several-year iteration of armor focused on dexterity has resulted in Manticore Gauntlets. Each set relies on detailed measurements to craft custom-fit leather armor with the articulation of metal.I currently have three tiers of Manticore; standard, custom, and draconic.

Wasteland Weekend!

Wasteland Weekend is a post-apocalyptic gathering in the Mojave Desert, a confluence of established culture & unique forms of insanity. This is an arena where all of our skills intersect.In 2014, we cobbled together costumes, a themed tent, and were introduced to Road Rash via a mutual friend. It was an amazing first year, and the reason we kept coming back for 7+ years.The sole tent soon became a modular structure, as we started our own VULTUR tribe. I had found an old 96' Toyota Tacoma and began to convert it into a dune-crawling, war-by-four.We're now members of the Dauntless Express Corp, who oversee the tribe and mission boards just beyond the front gates, and manage the Forlorn Hope Saloon.

2014 - 2021

Armor & Weapon Crafting


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